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Intelligent Heating Controls

Intelligent central heating controls both save money and help to make life easier.

Central heating, on average, makes up around 82% of our total energy costs and with the average energy spend for a UK household in 2014 amounting to over £1300, this equates to nearly £1100 per year.

Therefore, any intelligent solution that helps us to make our homes more energy efficient, will show a significant long term saving.

How can we make our homes more efficient?

Traditionally, we have radiators in our homes on a single-circuit, with a single thermostat that switches your heating on or off as appropriate.

Alternatively the heating circuits can be separated to operate independently so that there is a single circuit upstairs and one downstairs with each area controlled by two thermostats.

Whichever system you have, they are inherently inefficient, because the only way of sectioning each room is by the manually setting and resetting the thermostatic valves on each radiator to on when we’re in a room and off when we’re not.

Similarly, the only way to effectively monitor and control temperature in each room is to have a thermostat installed at eye level and not one or two thermostats located centrally in a hallway like in most homes.

Existing Homes

Calder Services can install various intelligent heating controls to make your home more energy efficient.

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