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Worcester Bosch Greenstar Oil Fired Condensing Boilers

Up hill or down dale, our off-mains heating solutions can provide heat and hot water anywhere.

Worcester is a market leader in high efficiency, condensing boiler technology and all of our products are designed to deliver heating and hot water comfort.

Our Greenstar range of oil-fired condensing boilers can help reduce your fuel bills and your carbon footprint. We are also leading the way in environmentally friendly heating and hot water production through our commitment to developing innovative renewable energy solutions.

On this page you will find all you need to know about the Worcester options available and how we can help make it easy for you and your qualified installer to find the right boiler for your home and lifestyle.

Wherever you live, Worcester keeps it feeling like home.

Which is why the boiler you choose is so important.

With Worcester, you have a boiler you can rely on year in, year out. As part of the Bosch Group, our products are designed and built to exacting standards, and constructed with only the highest quality materials, to provide the levels of quality and reliability which are synonymous with the Bosch name throughout the world. Every boiler is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory, to ensure that it is fit for everyday use and meets our customer requirements.

So with annual maintenance, a Worcester condensing boiler will provide you and your family with warmth, comfort and all-important peace of mind.

Worcester is the choice of millions of quality and value-conscious households all over the UK – and it’s the choice of the heating industry too.

And a recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 professional installers would choose Worcester for their own homes*. All of which gives you the reassurance of knowing that when you invest in a Worcester product, its quality is endorsed by the professionals.

Since 1962, when Worcester pioneered domestic oil-fired boilers, the company’s commitment to excellence hasn’t changed. And that commitment has only strengthened since Worcester became a part of the Bosch Group – one of the world’s leading names in innovative technology.

Today, many years and millions of boilers later, Worcester is a market leader in domestic heating and hot water appliances, employing over 1,800 people at our headquarters and manufacturing plants in Worcester and at Clay Cross in Derbyshire – including a nationwide network of over 300 directly employed Service Engineers and over 40 technical advisors based at Worcester.

All of this makes Worcester a name that stands for reliability, quality, efficiency and value for money; a name you can trust.

If your heating system is over 10 years old, it’s not as efficient as it could be

Why should I consider changing my boiler?

It’s surprising but true; older boilers can be as little as 60% efficient and even many comparatively modern boilers are still only 70-75% efficient. Compare that to Worcester Greenstar condensing boilers which are SEDBUK††† A-rated for their efficiency and more than 90% efficient.

Put another way, with our condensing boilers more than 90p of every £1 you spend on fuel for your boiler is used effectively for your heating and hot water.

What makes a condensing boiler more efficient?

Condensing boilers work by recovering the waste heat which is expelled through the flue system of a non-condensing boiler and passing it through a second heat exchanger where it extracts additional heat*.

This is why it makes such good sense to switch to an award-winning Worcester boiler. With a boiler that’s 10 years old or more, which doesn’t have the benefit of today’s condensing technology, as much as 30%** spent on fuel for your heating and hot water is wasted. It could make a big difference to your household energy bills, saving you money and helping to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Combine a new Greenstar boiler with the latest in digital and intelligent heating controls and you can make your money go even further.

Changes to the Building Regulations in recent years mean that in virtually all new and replacement boiler installations† a high efficiency condensing boiler must be used.

Your home’s energy rating

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by anyone selling a home. It rates a home’s energy efficiency, giving potential buyers an idea of how green, or how costly, their new home will be. It is widely recognised that installing a high efficiency condensing boiler will improve your home’s rating.

One more way to help improve the energy efficiency rating of your home, and to significantly reduce your fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions, is to install a solar water heating system. All Greenstar regular and system boilers can be used with a Worcester Greenskies solar water heating system to generate your hot water (see page 24). Depending on the positioning of the solar panels, they could provide up to 60%†† of your annual hot water free of charge from a clean, renewable source of energy. Look for the [sunshine] symbol to indicate boilers which are solar compatible.

Which type of condensing boiler is right for you?

It’s so simple to make your mind up

Because every household is different – the heating and hot water needs of someone living in an apartment will be very different from those with a large family home – our Greenstar range is available in three boiler types: ‘combi’, regular and system.

Each of the three types of boiler delivers all the benefits of high efficiency technology, so you just need to weigh up which suits your needs, the size of your home and your lifestyle and it’s easy to come to a decision on what’s best for you.

The easy way to choose

It’s important that you find out as much as you can before you decide on the boiler that’s right, so why not give Calder Services a call today to discuss your requirements further.

The lifetime of your boiler

All Worcester Greenstar gas-fired boilers are engineered to last – meaning you can think ahead about how your heating and hot water needs may change. Whether you have a growing family or are thinking about adding solar water heating in the future, you can choose the right Greenstar boiler now, secure in the knowledge that it will still be performing if your circumstances change.

Guarantees and spare parts

All Worcester Greenstar gas-fired boilers come with a 2 year* guarantee as standard and a 10 year* guarantee on the primary heat exchanger.

For added peace of mind we also hold spares for our boilers for at least 10 years after they have been discontinued.

Types of boiler

What is a ‘combi’ boiler?

A ‘combi’ or combination boiler is a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Water is heated directly from the mains eliminating the need for a hot water storage cylinder and the associated cold water storage cistern in the roof space. Because your hot water is delivered to your taps or shower at mains pressure it’s very convenient and can save on your hot water costs. As an added benefit, showers from a ‘combi’ can be comparable with the performance of a power shower.

So a ‘combi’ can also give you a little extra room to play with, making it ideal for a flat or a bungalow with very little or no roof space and it’s also the right choice if you want to use your loft space for a room conversion. Another ‘combi’ benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs as well installation materials.

‘Combi’ boilers are so popular that they account for two out of every three new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year.

What is a regular boiler?

Regular boilers – sometimes referred to as traditional or conventional boilers – are suitable for homes that already have a traditional heating and hot water system that requires a separate hot water cylinder. Regular boilers also require a cold water storage cistern to feed the hot water cylinder

and an expansion cistern in the loft. They are a good option for any home where a large volume of stored hot water is required e.g. homes with two or more bathrooms, or in areas where the water pressure is low. Regular boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems to bring you the added benefits of environmentally friendly hot water and further cost savings.

What is a system boiler

Both a system boiler and a regular boiler work on the principle of stored hot water – but a system boiler is different in two important ways. Firstly, many of the components of the heating and hot water system are built into the boiler itself, making it quicker and easier to install. Secondly, it doesn’t need a feed and expansion vessel in the loft. There are two kinds of cylinder which this type of system may have – a mains pressure hot water cylinder or a low pressure hot water cylinder. They are also compatible with solar water heating systems to bring you the added benefits of environmentally friendly hot water and reduced hot water and heating costs.

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